We are looking for all types of homes, manufactured, single family, or multifamily, in any condition. If your property qualifies we will give you a written offer within 48 hours after we see it. If we come to an agreement we can close within a few days, if needed. We’ll handle all the paperwork and arrangements, and you can get on with your life. Simply fill out the confidential, no obligation seller information form and we will contact you to discuss options.

Can we really buy your house this quickly and easily? Maybe. Maybe not. A lot of it depends on you. If you want to get above market price for your house, we probably can’t help. We’re professionals and we do expect to make a fair profit. We’ll pay a fair price for your house and solve your problems quickly. If you are prepared to take action, we can be contacted by phone, email, or the best option is to fill out our seller information form below and submit it online. We will contact you within 24 hours.

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